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CollegeDentistGrad schoolstemUnboxingwomen in science
November 8, 2018

Dental School Confidential

There are a lot of stressed-out kids in college. Many students end up committing suicide because they can’t handle the…
Female EngineerstemUnboxingWomen in TechWork Culture
November 8, 2018

How This Uber Engineer Navigated Impostor Syndrome

I was also part of a sorority. I spent my days going to male-dominated classes and then feeling out of…

Anne Cocquyt – Executive Director of Women in Product and Founder of The Guild. The Guild had their annual Serendipity conference this year and Anne did an amazing job bringing together +300 women across different industries to talk shop

BusinessDesignUnboxingWomen in TechWork Culture
November 8, 2018

Breaking the Patagucci Ceiling

When you enter the startup world as a woman without that look, people perceive you as someone who runs a…
MotherhoodUnboxingWomen in TechWork Culture
November 8, 2018

Balancing Family and Career

Being a single mother actually empowered me to achieve my goals. I felt like I was in a place where…