Our Mission

Unboxing is a beautiful thing.

We see the beauty in people. Smart people, successful people, driven people and daring people. Their stories, quirks, and dreams give us life, and we believe in the power of sharing them with you. Our founding principle is to showcase the beauty of intelligence, to highlight the glamour of curiosity, and pull back the curtain on the lives of those who are changing our world.

Our Founder

We’re celebrating the beauty of intelligence through the voices of inspiring women.

The idea budded in 2016, when our founder  Nitasha Syed – a makeup-loving, fashion forward senior at Canada’s Simon Fraser University – struggled to identify with the most public role models in STEM. Inspired by her father’s background in computer science, she had chosen a professional field that would prove to be mentally riveting, but personally conflicting. Whether because of gender norms, cultural expectations or lack of representation in the media, Nitasha felt divided. How would it feel to continue on this path and, quite literally, what would it look like? From this conflict blossomed Unboxd; a beautiful media platform built to house the stories of like-minded people who challenge norms, inspire others, and push boundaries forward.

Social Media

We’re always listening, and we’re here for you!

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