The Woman Behind Blockchain Barbie

< 1 min 2018-08-01 20:05:16

Growing up I wanted to be a princess or a rockstar. I held onto that dream for very long but unfortunately it didn’t end up coming true. My first internship was at 16 in a hotel and that’s when I realized I liked staying at hotels much more than working at them. I used to work on their weekly newsletter and I loved playing around in Word. When I realized how creative I could be with it, I started my own newsletter company. I still write newsletters for hotels in Chicago and it’s ultimately what sparked my interest in computers.

I am now enrolled in Miami University where my major is information systems and my minor is fashion. I am the head of the Blockchain research and the head of the Information Systems and Analytics Organization at MU. I am also the author of The Blockchain Guide For Not So Dumb Blondes. I remember my first experience with Blockchain. I would have to read hundreds of pages of dry white papers explaining the concept and I thought to myself ‘I can do better’ so I built my own guide. Keeping up with my workload in college along with all these extra curricular activities means my head is always going 900 miles an hour. I have all these ideas I want to commit to and all these companies I want to start. I have to make sure I don’t overwork myself. I have to learn to pick and choose my battles of where to put my energy. I am a perfectionist and I need to realize I can’t be perfect.

I love blockchain because I truly believe it has the potential to change the world. How do you know your $2000 Louboutin is real? Blockchain. How can you say for sure that the $20,000 diamond you’re buying for your soon to be wife wasn’t mined by children? Blockchain.  It’s is going to bring major changes to almost every industry (even industries like business, fashion, & jewellery) and I am on my way to being a female role model in the space.

When people think of me I want them to say ‘wow no one ever changed her’. The one thing I’ve struggled with is people always trying to change me. People tell me I wear too much pink and need to add black to my wardrobe, that I am too happy or that I shouldn’t be in technology. People keep trying to tear me down and tell me who I should be but I won’t change.

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